Welcome to BNI Pinnacle

Who is BNI Pinnacle?

BNI Pinnacle is the longest established and first Business Networking International (BNI) group to be set up in Singapore. We are at the forefront of BNI growth. Not only that but our members are a lively group of enthusiastic business people that firmly believe and act on the fact that there is greater success in collaboration.  If you agree we are ‘better together’ we want to know you better!

Warm & Friendly

Our Pinnacle members super warm and friendly that treats one another as a family..

Business Collaborations

BNI Pinnacle members comes together and do business collaborations

19 Years in Singapore

BNI Pinnacle is the longest running chapter in Singapore at 19 years and counting.

BNI Pinnacle Gallery

Visit BNI Pinnicle

Interested to expand your network, business and get more referrals for your business? Can to our meeting this coming Friday at 730am, we will be glad to welcome you to our chapter and connect you with the movers and shakers in the industries.

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